What do we call this

An advertisement for ink?

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For now, I’m calling it a pointless post that I’ll be removing soon unless @akashxp supplies a bit more information on what’s being asked.

Thread? Post?

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I don’t know.
What DO we call this?
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To PM, it is an ad.
it has all the key-word copy of an AD.

It could possibly be called a “sell sheet” if it were printed on paper (or maybe even a PDF) But it’s too scattered and requires too much reading to be a sell sheet. Sell sheets are 8.5x11 ish and have all the info without all the drivel (some of which, I just noticed is very poorly written, has rivers running through it because of the justification, and has orphans.)

It looks like a poorly executed internet AD

And dye base inks are crap. :upside_down_face:

Even the good crap ones?

In desktop printer world, all the ‘dye base’ inkjet inks fade in a matter of months. Some are better than others. Pigmented are better.

I flagged it as advertising right away. I’m surprised it’s becoming a thread.

thanks to printdriver
i came to know that its called a ‘sell sheet’

thanks @PrintDriver

It’s very odd to advertise just the magenta cartridge…

I’d categorize it as an Advertorial.

No idea how it was used: newspaper; magazine; brochure; mailer; insert; in-store?

It wouldn’t be used for Displays as there’s too much text.

So in my book it’s an Advertorial. Which are usually made to look like an article, but they are adverts.

There’s no call to action.

In my mind it’s an advertorial for sure.

It’s not a real sell sheet. Too much (poorly written) ad verbiage, not enough tech specs.