What do you do when you don't like a design

so i am working on a book for my boss and the book is text based, which is boring as hell but i have to do it and i hate opening it. Anyone got any ideas that could help me bullishly work through it?

Turn it around in your head. Learn to love the pure typography of it all. Enjoy the details. Pure typographic books can be stunning, as long as they aren’t just seen as a series of galleys and bashed out. I have a friend who works for a well-known dictionary publisher. Absolutely loves her job and never gets bored of the minutia of type-setting them. A step too far for me, granted, but someone has to love it! My point is, if you flip your head, it’s not too hard to find interest in the details.

That, or put some really loud music on!

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lmao, really insightful but i loved the loud music part

Everyone has monotonous work in their workload, it’s the part of the job that probably most hate.

For monotonous jobs I tend to work as efficiently as possible, set time targets or whatever it takes to get through it. A lot of the time I’ll dedicate the first 30 minutes of the day to get small things out of the way, emails, small jobs, etc. Then concentrate for 3 or 4 hours on the monotony, leaving 30 minutes before a break to jump back to emails and other small tasks that still need to be done.

Set yourself limits, and goals within the project. Most importantly, don’t devote entire days to it. Give 3 or 4 hours of your day, but work hard those hours.

If you can.

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A professional designer does not let personal feelings get in the way of a job.

true, no one is overlooking that but you cant say you have never felt disgusted by a very bland design?

At the early part of my career perhaps. I just got over it as the years wore on. Think of the invoices you’re going to prepare.

I’ve typeset books on taxation that the largest was 3,200 pages. By hand, from print outs and hand-written text. There was 32 in total, not all massively sized as that one. But it took 2 years to typeset 32 books like this.

And this was before InDesign introduced cross-references etc.

christ!! thats too much work bro, the pay must be worth it.

Think of the alternative.

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Meh, a job is a job. The print industry was in the shitter. And there was barely any work in printing/design houses, they were all closing down. That resulted in the industry being flooded with people looking for work.

You had to take what you can get.


Completely agree with this.
It’s all about your mindset

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