What do you like creating?

What do our GraphicsCode users like designing? Is it an avatar, signature or wallpaper?

The poll is multiple choice as I reckon some users can’t choose. Tell what you voted on, please!

I think you’re in the wrong place. Most of the folks here do real graphic design, not that stuff…Well, at least not for a living, LOL!

I like recreating logos that my client has had done elsewhere and hasn’t paid for - I usually get a screenshot or a photo of the screen taken on their phone.

I also enjoy re-doing artwork that some amateur has done and adding bleed to make it look professional.

Most of all, though, I like to create artwork that I can post online - so that someone else can use them without paying me or giving me any credit whatsoever.

In my spare time I do real jobs for real clients that appreciate the effort and pay me very well for my skills.

I like doing one-off pet projects for wealthy clients with time and money to burn. Usually, it’s a vain endeavor to personalize some upscale possession and make it cooler than their friends’ similar items. I’ve done designs for laser-etched bicycle wheels, embroidered car upolstery, printed drum heads and wraps, one-of-a-kind scale models, and even tombstones. These jobs aren’t abundant, and the clients can be eccentric, but when one comes along, my love for this profession is renewed every time.

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I’m unfamiliar with GraphicsCode. Did you intend to post a link to a poll of some kind. New forum members can’t post links (it’s a spam-prevention thing). I’ve upped your user level by a notch, which should enable you to do that if you’d like.

As for what kind of work I like to design, it’s work where clients clearly communicate their goals and objectives, and then mostly stay out of the way and defer to my advice. As for the work I dislike the most, it’s the opposite of what I just mentioned.

Of course, more important than that is getting paid, but that’s not really the design work itself.

Um, no.

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