What do you think about Gravit Designer?

Do you think this is a good software for vector drawing?

I’m unsure if I had heard of it before, but I just finished playing around with the browser version. It’s surprisingly good based on my ten minutes with it. CMYK support, saves to SVG or PDF or PNG, all the basic tools that I looked for seem to be there and things behave, more or less, as expected.

I wouldn’t expect much from a free, browser-based application, but I’m initially impressed (but still skeptical).

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I use Gravit regularly in my development work, mostly to draw and modify material design style icons, a few ui elements, and simple illustrations/page elements/info graphics. Years ago when I first started into graphic design on the computer, Macromedia Freehand, was a standard tool of the trade for many, later to be bought out and retired by Adobe. The Gravit developers made it part of their mission to bring back much of the functionality and feel that Freehand offered.

Gravit has been maturing well and has a lot of good functionality. It is built on Electron, so it runs very well across platform. Since I do most of my programming in Linux, which does not have many offerings for native vector drawing programs, besides Inkscape, I appreciate being able to use Gravit natively. That said for more advanced work, I will still go boot into Windows, and use other software there. I have a old version of Illustrator, before Adobe went to the subscription model, but I also use Xara Designer Pro, Affinity Designer, Clip Studio, and a couple of other tools for illustration work.

So yes it is a good software for vector drawing. But it currently has its limitations. I don’t have time right now to comment on the features it lacks that I often need, but how well it will work for you depends on the type of vectors you want to produce. Be aware that its major draw back is designing for print, as it has no spot / pantone color support. It does, I believe, have CMYK and you can output to a PDF, but I have never tried using it this purpose.


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