What do you think of this Instagram infographic?

Here is an infographic displaying the information of how and where you can buy Instagram followers. The infographic is supported with this article: [https://removed-URL.com).
What I want to know is how well the picture combines with the article and site in general.
Thank you!

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I like the colors. But unfortunately, the quality of the picture is poor. So I’ve read the infographic on the site. Nice job.

Reading the Website, you can do better convincing your points. And the wording, because some of it seemed. Let’s say, broken?

Also the order of the tips honestly makes no sense after the first few, shouldn’t research what people like come up the top?
And creating your hashtags closer to the bottom because then they would be more useful tips.
Pandering to the majority usally leads to bland content. You need your own thing to make you stand out, witch can lead from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Why would you want to BUY instagram followers?
Isn’t that a deceptive practice?

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I don’t know why the website is called that either. But I went over it and looked at the title of the article instead.

looks like a frying pan from Quebec fell on New York State.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself.

(thought I’d reported this months ago…)
It’s a spam post.
Let me know if you can’t figure out why.

i thought so as well, when people do not reply in Asley’s case, its spam.

Probably right. There’s been no follow-up from the original poster. I’ve removed the link.

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