What do you think was used to create these infographics?

I’m looking to create similar infographics to these, but I’m not sure which software to use.

What do you think was used to create these infographics?

Illustrator? Photoshop? Something else?

Also, if you can link any courses on how to design infographics, I’d appreciate it a lot.


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Most infographics of this kind are built in Adobe Illustrator. Other vector drawing tools could be used, like CorelDraw or Affinity Designer, but Illustrator is by far the most widely used application for this kind of thing. Photoshop would be a poor choice for several different reasons. However, if there’s a photo or a scan of some kind used in the infographic, that image would likely be processed in Photoshop (or another photo editor), then imported/placed into Illustrator.

As for tutorials, a Google search is all that I can recommend if you’re looking for something free. Otherwise, you might look into Lynda.com, Skillshare, Udemy or Pluralsoft to see if they have online courses on infographics.


Creating info graphics is not about the program used to create them. That’s just the tool.
What matters most is the information being presented in a concise and orderly fashion.

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