What do you use for your portfolio?

Hi, I am looking into online portfolios and there is an array of choices. At the moment, it is to showcase my work to potential employers and social media, I am not going into freelance work just yet. I have some experience with designing websites but just not the coding part so I am looking for something that does not require coding, it doesn’t have to be customized. I do not need someone to create it for me, either free or for a small cost like under $100 a year or something like that.

Is there anything used more in the design community? I would appreciate your reviews on the following that I have narrowed it down to:

Portfolio Box
(not using Wix)

The Loop

Many thanks

Since you are not looking to build a freelance business, I don’t think you need a dedicated standalone site with your own domain. It seems like Behance and Adobe Portfolio are the two that I see the most. I’d say either would work well for you.

I agree with @Steve_O. Since you’re not a web designer needing to show off your web skills, using a templated community based portfolio would work fine. If you do decide later on to get your own space and domain, I would just keep the Behance page running in the background.

I have a Behance page as well as a Wordpress portfolio website.

I suggest you browse the templates of the different companies and see if there are any templates you really like before making your decision.

I would say the best app for this is WordPress and it meets all your requirements. First there is little or no need for code work and second it is free to use until you purchase a template. The best part is you can get a free template with bootstrap and html 5 and CSS 3.

I would end the comment with a bit of advice, you should spend the money to purchase a good template, the cost is for most around 100 or less. A well made template will make the development of you web project fast clear and most importantly functional on all devices.

ok thanks


Thank you

Hi, I hadn’t heard of this one, I will check it out, thanks.

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