What does it take to use use a cintiq?

I’m thinking of getting a Cintiq 13HD and I’m wondering if someone know what kind of computer it takes? Like I’m not that good with computers and just want to know what I need in a computer for the cintiq to work smoothly!

Device requirements:
Beyond that, it depends on what software you are running.
Standard specs for graphic design software (including Photoshop) would be 16gigs of ram (more if it is a laptop and the ram gets soldered in at the factory, ie not upgradeable,) a decent processor speed, and a relatively large amount of scratch disk space (ie an internal hard drive or SSD that isn’t full of other junk.)

If your work is file size intense, you might consider an attached storage device rather than keeping large stuff on your main drive space. You can use an external drive for scratch space but there will be a lag, that’s why I like to keep scratch on the local drive.

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