What does this mean:

I would like to hire you as a consultant to design a new brand
identity for a new, nonprofit organization. The nonprofit is
an organization that supports youth development with afterschool
programs and summer camps. Give the non-profit a name. The brand should
be modern, bright, and vibrant to attract youth. Must include one t-shirt and one hat/cap, a toy, and two other promotional items of your choice.

What does this mean?

Your question is more vague than the paragraph you want clarified.

Do you know this person? Have you dealt with them before? Is it some out-of-the-blue piece of mail that landed in your inbox? Are there other emails you’ve exchanged with this person that might provide some context?

Without knowing more about it, you could be dealing with anything from an inarticulate client to a scammer. My guess is that you just received it out of the blue and that it’s a lure into a scam.

Sounds like a lame school assignment. If it isn’t, then it’s a scam. Graphic designers aren’t asked to name non-profits as part of their duties. Block them and move on.

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Full context of what this request is - or basically the below is exactly what I would say if this face to face:

If you don’t know what it means, then you shouldn’t be taking the job.

I agree with Mojo—Block them and move on. I do lots of work for non-profits, but I wouldn’t touch this one!
(If it looks like a duck, etc….)

Out of the blue, I am also thinking scam.


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