What does this say?!

I screen printed this at work today (and we are allowed to keep/apply samples) and I have no idea wtf it says. I have been googling combinations of what the letters may be for an hour now…


Really, I have no idea. Are you sure it’s supposed to spell something?

I don’t think you will know unless someone recognizes it. It’s most likely a death metal/ black metal band logo … they are all unreadable :wink:

I believe it was suppose to say something.

It came with a copyright symbol in the artwork.

If I remember correctly, the word for it was in the description, it was all one word and looked similar to the pic I attached on here.

It’s driving me nuts.

I spaced the breaks out a bit.

I thought it might be INVALUED OR UNVALUED so I went through a few lists of death/black metal band lists and my eyeballs are never going to recover from the names I’ve seen :eyes: Needless to say I still got nothin’ really lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I can understand some of the letters :laughing: thanks @RedKittieKat

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Whoa! Now I’m on it like Nancy Drew :mag_right:


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I thought it said Vandelay Industries.


I’m getting ? A V A F U E ? Lavafuel? But if those are "L"s I may cry.


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