WHAT font is this? Please help

I’ve uploaded a photo here. I have been given the job to re-create this logo for a company as the previous people did not save it in the correct format so they can’t use it. They want the same font but I can’t figure it out. All the ones I’ve seen that are similar cost, and I’m almost positive they used a free one. Any help is appreciated. THANKS

That S…!
I’d look for a font similar to the serif that’s used and bust the pen tool to trace the F and S

Those funky first letters F & S are … Impuls by Tilde


And the other font used for the LOOR & OLUTIONS is … Seagull Italic originally by Bitstream but has ‘changed hands’ many times over.

There you go. So your only problem is the letter F and S.

Two options:
1- Ask the client to pay for the font.
2- Use your graphic design skills and use the pen tool

However, a designer can legally trace over a typeface (such as from a book or drawing) and use the resulting artwork as his or her original design. OR she can scan each character of a typeface and rework it — without fear of retribution — as long as the original from which the designer worked was not a font.

…'nuff said???

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Thank you all so much for the help!!!