What font is this?

Does anyone recognize this font or know of any font identifiers other than What the Font I can try?

I tried What the Font but it didn’t give me a match. The S is what I’m trying to match. I assume this is a font in use on Canva.

Try Norwester


Thank you, that looks like a match to me. How did you find it so quickly?

Just one of those things.

Have the font and matched it.

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You mean magic, right? :wink:

One of my first jobs about 25 years ago - we had over 10,000 fonts on the system and it was nightmare to sort through them - no cool font managers then.

So I categorised them all - I printed them all out on a single page for each font - and punched the page - and put them into folders.

Then when clients came in looking for a font we’d be able to say here’s script fonts we have, here’s sans serif, here’s serif.

We ended up with an entire wall filled with binders of every type of typeface you can imagine.

And then we had the joy of matching the font by eye when a customer supplied copy.

Because back then sometimes people didn’t supply a disk or the disk wasn’t big enough.

We’d often get hand written or preprinted text - and photos sent in.

One time we had over 10,000 photos sent to us - they all had to be scanned, categorised, named properly etc. An arduous task.

Anyway - I spent many a time sitting amongst the wall of fonts trying to match a client typeface.

And many a weeks typesetting their preprinted materials and resetting everything.

Things are much easier these days.


Wow, that’s quite the task. Do you use a font manager now and if so what would you recommend? I tend to work at my PC more often than my Mac and am currently using a super basic program called fontbase. I’d like to find something more robust.

I use Universal Type Client.

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