What Font is this?

I’ve tried Squirrel. New here, thank you. whatthefont

ooh I got it
Myfonts/what the font found it as Galicia.

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Nice work! Thanks for reporting back.

Is $69. for the font family at myfonts.com a good price?
Is there a better/safer place to get fonts?
Thank you.

MyFonts.com is legit but seems a lot to pay for a novelty font.

Is this for a client? If so I would charge the full amount to the client. Let the client know how much it is and let them decide if they want to use this font or if they would like you to find a cheaper alternative.

Not “Cheaper.”
“More cost effective.”

Considering the actual foundry is selling the set for $169, and Fonts.com charges $119 for the set, Myfonts’ $69 for the set is a very cost effective price.

@PrintDriver Oh my goodness, what a comparison. I’ll be sure to frame my reimbursement request with that data!!

@Buda Right! The client’s old G.D. used Galicia exclusively in their marketing. I have a deadline and no desire to reinvent their wheel! :wink: As novelty fonts go… well… it could be worse :smile:

:butterfly:Thanks for the warm welcome! Have a great day!

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