What happened to StockLogos.com

I was looking for the logo website, stocklogos.com and got forwarded here/

Who would close that business to run this forum?

what’s going on?

This forum used to be part of that group, and had a .com address. The company that ran the forum shut it down and our current admin picked it up. Now it’s a .org and the old forum address redirects here.


Stocklogos was closed down in February. I assume Ivan, the current owner of the GDF also later acquired the Stocklogos domain.

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StockLogos.com was more than a forum. It was a good business where you can buy custom premade logos that’s not duplicated.

Why did he shut down a thriving business to run a quiet forum?

Also is there a way to contact him?

Would he be willing to sell or offer me the script or old website to use.
I buy and sell domains so it would be a great website to use for that…

Ok, I have two questions:

  1. Is he still running that premade logo business on another domain name?
  2. Can you ask Ivan if I can use the old script or template he no longer uses. I buy and sell domain names…and It would be great to use it to display the names with logos?

Where did all those premade logos and sellers come from?
Where can I get to buy those one of a kind logos now?

The fun thing about stock logos? The few times I checked, the same logo by the same artist would be offered on 3 or 4 different logo sites. I’ve often wondered if they were removed from all sites once bought from one.
Premade logos are just as bad as Logo-in-a-box software, cookie cutter, non-specific and sometimes problematic to trademark. But, as PT Barnum said, “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

Ivan is active on this forum. If he’s at all interested, he’ll possibly reply.


On what basis do you conclude it was “thriving”?

I mean, honestly I don’t know whether it was or not, and of course I don’t know where you place your thriving threshold, but I’d find it a lot easier to believe it wasn’t so easily profitable.

Selling domain names with logos…
Don’t you figure anyone savvy enough to start a business is going to want to be coming up with their own logo that describes their business, not their domain name?

After all, your concept of what a domain name might mean could be totally different from what a potential buyer has in mind. Not to mention, a stock logo is not at all worth what is paid for it.

Why limit your product in that fashion?

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I think you’re making some incorrect assumptions. The old forum and the associated websites were owned by a whole series of media conglomerates that were constantly merging, splitting and changing hands. There is no one person that I’m aware of.

Why the previous owners shut down the logo site and the old forum, I don’t know, but I assume they weren’t profitable enough to bother with. When they shut down the old forum, the current forum admin/owner started up this new forum and acquired the old forum domain but, as far as I know, that’s the extent of it. It appears he might have done the same with the stocklogos domain. Who owns the assets of the old stocklogos site, I have no idea. Perhaps our admin, Ivan, can shed more light on it for you. He goes by Iraszi here.

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There weren’t really any assets. Stocklogos was basically an “Etsy” for logo sales. All of the logos were owned by the individual designers. Stocklogos just took a cut of the sale price for providing the store setting and handling the payment processing.


Thanks for posting those facts, Kool.

The logos were not stock logos in the traditional sense where you see it for $29 and then it’s on other sites. The logos were exclusive and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Once purchased…the logos weren’t sold again. I have purchased one logo and have never seen it anywhere else. If it was stock images I would not care to ask what happened to the site…because I could just go to creative market or themeforest etc…

Have you done a reverse image search for your logo.

I went to iStock and grabbed the first one that caught my eye.
I found this example of duplicates in a few minutes with a reverse search.

The first one will cost you $12/$18 at iStockphoto.
The second will cost you $23/$230 at Creative Market.
The third you could get with a bunch of others on the sheet for $1.
All are on Standard Licensing, which means ANYONE can download them. Multiple times.

The best part?
iStockPhoto’s EULA prohibits artwork to be used in logos.

This is rampant across all “logo” suppliers. Some designers of these things and some sites that sell them do say the logo will be removed from circulation once purchased, but what about all the other sites it resides on? There were 4 pages of Pinterest and pirated art sites showing this logo ahead of the stock sources in a goggle search.
Talk about brand dilution…

Buyer beware.

this will back.

  1. How do you do a reverse image search?

  2. Those logos you showed above look common. Stocklogos.com had those too, but they also had some one of kind art that i never seen anywhere else. Even today i cant find them anywhere.

right click, search Google for image. You can also use sites like Tineye as well. Sometimes it works … sometimes it doesn’t :wink:

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Thank you!

That logo I posted was just the first one I grabbed, from a site that doesn’t allow illustrations to be used for logos.

One-of-a-kind art isn’t always possible if it’s posted anywhere on the web, as can be seen by that pirated logo site using the same image. Brand dilution like that is not a place I’d want to start as a business owner.

I once purchased usage rights for an illustration that took 3 pages of pirated rip-offs to find the actual owner.
I corresponded with her at which she thanked me for coming to her directly for usage and she told me she was in the process of working with a lawyer to have all of the pirated art removed. In some cases where the art had been used on merchandise, she was pursuing damages.

When we want exclusive stuff, we hire illustrators.

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I’ll take that advice to hire an illustrator.

Do you know of any good illustrator in this forum or without?

We hire illustrators by style. Most like to do things one way and do it very well and very quickly.
For instance, here is a UK agency where you can search artist by what you want drawn and the style in which you want it drawn. You could also use the same parameters to do a web search for freelancers with the same style.

It ain’t cheap to hire an illustrator. Especially an experienced one. Kinda like hiring a designer.

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