What happened?

My friends—It has been a very long time since I have received an email from you. What’s happening? Did some kind of update kick my email out? If so, please put me back in the loop!


I just looked at your preferences, and you have it set up for the following:

I have my preferences set up never to receive emails, so I have no way of knowing if the system is sending out notices.

Is anyone else who has set their preferences to received emails from the forum not getting theirs?

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I get the emails I am supposed to get.

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I have mine to send an email if someone responds to me or sends me a PM. I also have it set up for weekly update emails and I just looked back and haven’t gotten one of those in quite some time.

I don’t ever pay much attention because I’m here every day.

Poking in the back I see "Exceeded_Bounce_Score_Threshold.

That means when a member’s bounce score (undelivered mail) exceeds the list’s bounce score threshold, the subscriber’s subscription is automatically disabled.

As for me it says “Seen_recently”. So, I’m thinking that I don’t get one since I’m here to see it all the time and @PopsD didn’t get one because his emails are bouncing for some reason. I do get the other emails I specified to get.

If your email is active, I can’t imagine why it’s happening. We will have to mention it to @Hans. Otherwise, check your email and make sure it hasn’t listed GDF as spam and rejecting it. Or you could try another email and see if that fixes the issue.


Could your email inbox be full? That would cause an email to bounce.

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I am still not getting GDF emails. I have been in and out of the hospital seven times in the last eight months (due to different issues) and have not been on my laptop. I have been using my iPhone instead, but I don’t know how to set email preferences on it. Can someone help me find these preferences please.

Okay I changed my email address on the GDF website to one I know that works. I still don’t know how to change email preferences on my actual iPhone. So I still need help with that.

I wish I had an answer, but I’ve never been able to get Apple’s iCloud email to work on my iPhone, so I’ve stopped using iCloud email altogether and I use the Gmail app instead to access my Gmail accounts.

Just out of curiosity, I decided to try it again. I entered all my information according to Apple’s online instructions — address, iCloud email account, Apple password and, well, nothing happens. It doesn’t work. I can set up iCloud email on my Mac and it works just fine, but on my iPhone, I’m apparently doing something wrong because, as I said, it just doesn’t work for me.

I love my Macintosh, but my iPhone, not so much, My next phone will be a Samsung running Android.

If you have a gmail account, you might try using that along with the gmail app. Maybe someone else here will chime in with suggestions for both of us.

I’m no help :frowning:

Never had an iPhone or used iCloud.

I just have a gmail address. And that works for what I have my preferences set at.

One of my iCloud emails (the one I just put in for my GDF account) has always worked just fine on my iPhone Mail. But if that one starts having issues, I will change my account to one of my gmail addresses.

In fact I just received emails from GDF that Red’s and Just’s replies to my post were available. So maybe everything is working again.


I had a Samsung phone once. It was full of “bugs” and other problems. I couldn’t wait to get rid of it.

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I’ve had two Samsung Galaxy tablets and both have been great. I like the Android OS better than iOS.

On the other hand, we also had a Samsung washer and dryer, which haven’t been so great. They both wore out after five years. When we shopped around for new ones, we were told that modern washers and dryers are only designed to last 5–7 years. We ended up paying more for SpeedQueens which are supposed to last around 25 years. We’ll see. They just might outlast me.

I’m so sorry about your medical issues and the hospital stays. You’re in my prayers.

I found my iPhone Mail Preferences. YEA!

I hear you about Samsung appliances. I had the same problems with Samsung washer/dryer—worthless after three years. Bought Speed Queen w/d five years ago—Flawless! What great machines!—and they came with a 10 year warranty at no extra cost.

Also bought Samsung refrigerator nine years ago—after four years it became a noisy, worthless piece of junk. Bought LG frige five years ago—flawless!—what a great machine!

Yikes! Just bought a new Samsung washer/dryer and a refrigerator, hopefully they don’t turn out to be a duds like yours did :grimacing:

For your sake, I wish you the best. I hope you don’t have the same experience either, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. FYI, my problems didn’t start until a couple of months after the three-year warranty expired.

@pluto I hate to pile on bad news, but my sister and brother-in-law had a Samsung fridge and hated it. I am normally not a fan of extended warranties, but you might think about it in this case.

@PopsD I am sorry to hear about your hospital stays. I trust you are doing better, now.

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Up until our Samsung washer broke, it had been great.

I called a repair shop, and a repairman came over. The broken part cost around $200 to fix, but the repairman recommended we buy a new washer. At first, I thought he was trying to sell us an unneeded new washer, so I asked him to explain.

He said he was happy to repair the machine but that parts on Samsung washers typically begin breaking at about five years. When I asked him what would break next, he listed three parts that would likely fail within the next year and how much they would cost to fix. I had him replace the part and told him we’d take our chances.

Almost right on schedule, four or five months later, the same part the repairman said would break next did precisely that. I did a bunch of research and found that basic, unfancy, heavy SpeedQueen washers tended to last forever, so we bought one.

The whole thing reminded me of a story I read about Henry Ford — the founder of Ford Motor Company. He supposedly sent engineers to auto junk yards to determine what usually broke on his automobiles and which parts seemed to last forever.

He didn’t do this with the intention of redesigning the failed parts to last longer. His purpose was to identify those parts that lasted the longest, so he could save money by making them cheaper.

I suspect that many large appliance manufacturers do the same thing. They engineer the parts in the appliances to last just so long. They have no interest in engineering more expensive pieces that outlast the factory warranty by more than a year or two. They’re more interested in keeping costs down for the initial sale than in designing higher-priced machines that last longer.

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I believe that is called planned obsolescence.

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I can say we have a 4 year old Samsung fridge that for the most part is great. other than the world’s worst ice maker that you have to completely defrost every 3 or 4 months because it gets “overly” frozen.

I did have a little 13" Samsung TV growing up that I think could have survived a tornado. That things was a beast.

Whenever we get around to buying a newer washer and dryer I will have to look into SpeedQueen.