What has the graphics design changed in our world?

Please tell me

Not going to do your homework for you.
Tell us what you think GraphiC Design has changed.


I always find these lazy students interesting. Did they find nothing on Google? A web search would have been much faster than registering here and posting.

Well, it produces numerous graphic designers in anticipation of making the world a more consumer-centric place. The plan backfires, and 96.7% of this work force end up on the street. Since they really don’t know anything else (can’t read, can’t write, can’t spell, can’t count), they all go on welfare. Soon enough, governments go bankrupt and are replaced by anarchists.

The end.

It was just mistake.
please tell what you think graphic design has changed?

You go first.

I think that graphic design has changed the underlying human condition. Oh, and the internet. And allowed me to get a paycheck and provide for my family (mostly).

Well, it influenced culture.