What if? Business ethics metaphor #1

This question is sort of a revisit of a thread I opened on the old GDF dot com forum.

What if school bus mechanics took over the teaching profession?

They’d receive a pay cut.

All the students’ papers would be handed back covered in black, greasy fingerprints and smelling like exhaust fumes.

The kids might learn a paying trade?

Or would it be sorta like letting your nephew with Photoshop create your new business logo.

School bus mechanics convince parents and administrators that transportation is more important than what happens at any destination because “you won’t reach your destination without transportation.” They also make the case that “anyone can drive, but we’re the only ones who know how to fix the bus in the event of a break down.”

Whatever happened to trade guilds?

Didn’t they start disappearing sometime around the end of the Middle Ages — just before I was born.

Communication arts and humanities are dead.

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