What if? Business ethics metaphor #2

What if building architects also tried to be building construction workers.

Are you saying what if architects actually did the work?
Architects who have actually spent some time working on a jobsite are usually better at what they do as architects. Nothing beats in-field experience when it comes to theoretical drawing.
We have a saying. “Looks good on the monitor, don’t it.” But when it comes to real life build-outs, sometimes the theory doesn’t work out so well. Having been there/done that helps immeasurably when it comes to design of any kind. That’s why I’m always on about having anyone that wants to design logos for a living be required to work in a sign shop for at least a year before being granted a license to practice. It’s pretty amazing the number of times I’m asked for “invisible” fasteners and anti-grav devices.

I’m asking, what would it do to the architectural profession if architects were expected to do all the work from beginning to end? Not just witness the work, but put in all the time and labor on every job doing everything from aesthetic design, to structural engineering, to hammering nails, to cleaning up debris and materials?

Well, for one thing, it would turn them all into contractors and builders since the construction of the buildings takes more time and is far more expensive (and lucrative) than designing those buildings.

Anyway, there are lots of builders who already dabble in architecture — especially in residential construction where new house buyers seem more interested in getting a bigger house than they are in getting a better-designed house.

Design is dead.

Kinda like what would happen if a designer actually had to produce the prints their files represent?
There’d be fewer of them and the output work would be shoddier.

… or a printer trying to design.

Well played!

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