What if I don't want to? (Acrobat AI Beta Test)

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 9.34.13 AM
Nothing like an auto-enabled opt-in to be a beta tester.

If it happens to decide to make you a beta tester, and you don’t want to be, shut it off here (first close all docs you might have open):
Acrobat Preferences > Generative AI > uncheck Enable.

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There’s a lot to be said about living in a cave.

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There’s a lot to be said about retirement, period.


LOL this is causing quite an uproar at Reddit among the corporate administrators who don’t want a beta AI scooping their PDF data (at least the entries I read)
They’re already writing code to disable it from the backend.

I’ve noticed how innovative companies like Adobe, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others start out making great customer-focused products and become established and rich as a result. As time passes and their customer base solidifies, greed sets in. They slowly and incrementally shift their focus to what’s best for them instead of what’s best for their customers.

There’s a new term for that.
It’s called Enshittification.
This might say tiktok but the subhead is what the article is about.

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