What illustration style is this?

I am not a designer but have been given our local firefighters social media accounts. I have seen this style in a few designs lately and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.

Is this a particular illustration style? Are there any artists that do a lot of this type of work?


It’s called xilografia or woodcutting. But of course nowadays it’s done digitally.

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You can read more and see examples here:

When “woodcuts” are done using digital software, they come out looking very precise and machine made, like your examples. Be very certain you want this modern look. It doesn’t work if you are trying to convey late 19th century illustration.

I’d actually more consider your examples to be a high contrast digital comic book style rather than woodcut.

top one is a woodcut,
middle one is an engraving,
bottom one is comic art.


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Thank you all for your reply! This helps tremendously.

I just joined this forum, but just reading through some posts has been enlightening and educational.

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They also have elements of a style known as social realism that was especially popular in the 1930s and was always, more or less, the official style of the Soviet Union for many of their propaganda posters.

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That’s exactly what I thought of B, I immediately remembered those ‘Iron Fist’ and Hammer sickle posters from the Soviet Union

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It’s “Propaganda” style based on WWII Russian war posters. Method is different in each. One looks woodcut, the other litho - though I think they are both simulated to look that way.

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