What is One way vision Sticker for Shop Windows?

Hi, does anyone know what is One way vision Sticker for Shop Windows that was not have dot texture?
Client want one way vision sticker that kinda have metallic look.

Are you looking for one way mirror film?
Just a note about that. It’s great in the daytime, but at night with lights on behind it, you can see right inside. Just like the perf film on a bus window.

Oh yeah, it’s also called 2-way mirror and comes in either static cling or wet-apply adhesive films. Can you print on it? Hmmm… kinda doubt it, but maybe somebody does. Would probably have to be Latex ink and wouldn’t be very durable outdoors without some kind of overlam that sort of messes with the optics. Can’t use UVV inks on mirror surfaces.

edit: Huh, I guess there is a way to print it according to the goog.

yes, but printed one.
that’s mean we have our design but kinda tinted film like you describe.
I just found Perforated (i.e. hole punched) which what they doesn’t want.

can you give me link or screenshoot or keywords to search?
I just found the one with hole punch

This one’s proprietary and non-metallic (sorry, thought it was metallic as it came up with a search of “printable one way mirror film”)

Is this an exterior application? The only thing I might suggest is finding a window tint installer near you and asking them if they, or someone they know, prints on the mirror material. I know one of my local guys (near Boston, MA) prints on the clear film for exterior applications, but not sure about the mirror stuff. It can’t be UV printed due to reflecting the UV light back into the printheads (that’s an expensive mistake.)