What is Proposal for apply job in corporate?

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Some days ago I have tried to apply for a job in one job seeker platform. Then their manager emailed me to send the proposal if i available or interest because I never learn about the administration like that ( proposal ) so I can’t write everything about that and after i tried to find some proposal sample I feel confused. So everybody can help me to give me a sample or guideline to make a proposal for the application job? i mean in formal way.

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Read the job spec - and understand the role.
Take each point they are looking for and expand on it in a sentence or a paragraph.
Be interesting, confident and knowledgeable, plus show how your experience either helped with a certain situation, or how you learned from a situation.

There’s no golden proposal letter. The one’s I pay attention to are the ones that tick all the things requested in the application.

I can spot a copy and paste from a website easily.

Be honest, open and friendly.

Was the job seeker platform job a request for proposals? As in do they want you to supply a bid and qualifications package in order to be considered for the work? There is a difference between a resume and a proposal. A lot of times a proposal requires a lot of research into what the project entails, takes a lot of time to write up, and still you might not get the job. The difference between a proposal and a contest is, you budget for proposals in your marketing budget and you need to be fairly sure you will be considered for the work. Most of the time, with proposals, we only do them if we are one of a few qualified bidders, not competing with the whole world.

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Thank you for your help, your answer really helps me and my career.

I hope you and your family have good health

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This proposal is use for apply a job, i mean not a proposal project but employment proposal for apply job for corporate. Maybe do you have do this for some companies who have work with you ?

btw, for the proposa project, what do you do if you want offer your proposal project with the good ethic when this pandemic use social media ? Because when we never meet or never have good relation with the company that I will send the proposal it will akward when suddenly i say " Hey, i’m graphic designer… Can we work together on the future ?". Maybe if you have a trick to offer and win the proposal it will be useful for us who work as freelancer in this pandemic situation.

Thank you Print Driver, i hope you have a good health in this pandemic.

The only trick I know is to not blindly send out stuff without at least a small chance of a return on your time investment. Time = Money.
Like I said earlier, proposals are covered by a marketing budget. You have to assess your chances before spending the hours and you have to win a certain number of those jobs - or reconsider your approach.

For instance, if doing a design-level proposal, that would come after only a few companies were selected through a request for qualifications from the client. They review qualifications, and decide which three to five applicants to ask for a proposal. Sometimes, if pre-design is involved, they will pay ALL of the participants a stipend for that work. But only one company will get the job. Another way is to have yourself pre-qualified on various organizational websites where clients go to find designers, but for us, that’s mostly government stuff. I don’t know any such site for freelancers.

But, and this is a really large consideration, I work for a company with over 30 years of reputation and client-facing metrics to stand behind. I’m not a single freelancer looking for 'first work." Your location may matter too. I’m only familiar with USA circumstances. Things may be different where you are.

I suppose what you are talking about here is more a Request for Qualifications. Basically a resume and portfolio, with sound reasoning on why you will make money for the corporation where you are applying. Remember, the job isn’t about what you will learn or what they can teach you, it’s all about what you can do to improve their profit margin. A resume that starts off with, “I’m seeking a position where I can learn and grow” just tells me you haven’t thought hard enough about this job. I don’t want you learning and growing, I want you working to the best of your ability, and evolving to meet each new challenge, which brings in more clients and more money. Sounds harsh, but it’s business, not art class.

Proposals for employment are not especially common here in the U.S. Cover letters, which are similar, are much more common.

When applying for employment, it’s very difficult to know enough about the company or what they have in mind to make any detailed proposal meaningful.

A cover letter focuses more on why the applicant wants to work at the company and, most important, how that person would benefit the company if hired. In other words, it’s sort of a sales pitch. I’m assuming you could write a proposal much the same way.

If you Google “job proposal” lots of templates come up with many examples. I’d suggest reading through them to get an idea of what’s typically included, then write yours in a similar way. It does seem, however, that it would be very helpful to know quite a bit about the job before making a proposal on the specifics related to that job.

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