What is the best project management software?

Hi, I need suggestion on the project management software for my graphic design agency.
Do you normally involve clients in the project management software?

My clients have no access to my software or data.

There is a wide range of agency management software.
I use just

But there is also way more capable software including media planing with all of a country’s media data ready at least yearly inside the software, like


We use Notion for project management mainly because of its large number of templates and customization options. It allows us to tailor our workflow exactly how we need it, which is a huge plus.

I’ve also heard great things about Monday, especially for their versioning, and ClickUp, which has a really generous free plan.

As for involving clients, I usually don’t. I prefer to deliver separate updates. Transparency is great, but too much information can be overwhelming.

Hope this helps!

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I don’t think there is a “best” project management software application. Instead, what’s best depends on finding one that meets your unique needs.

At my last job, we probably went through a half dozen and never did find a good fit. The developers of each application make assumptions about which features are needed, but these needs differ from one situation to the next. We found that the most customizable project management applications were also the most complicated and cumbersome to use, so we finally opted for the simplicity of a spreadsheet.

What might work best for you is something that fits your needs. For example, I have no idea why you would consider giving clients access to the software.

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Thank you for the sharing. I was thinking it would be good if client can use the same platform to give feedback for revision after the first design presentation so that we don’t need to use email for back and forth communication.

Do they mean “project management” or “collaboration”?

ah, collaboration.

Thanks Kelvin. I am thinking if I can find a software platform for all in one from proposals, service contract, project management to invoicing. Do you think time-tracking is necessary when we need to charge client for extra hours?

Acrobat has a Share function. Everyone on the team can view everyone else’s comments, as they are made in real time. The proofers don’t need access to Acrobat, since the proofing is done in a browser, and the proofers can include people outside your organization. Email not necessary.

Yeah. It was a problem for me when the developers of the apps went out of business, or changed their business focus and discontinued support, or chose not to upgrade when Apple came out with a new system. I couldn’t get into the old records I created with the app. Not worth the hassle, so I started using spreadsheets.

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Joe, how does your client provide feedback for revision?

I’m not @Joe, but this requirement puzzles me. Perhaps it depends on the work, the client, and the type of revision feedback, but an online form for clients to request revisions seems like a disaster in the making.

Clients come up with all kinds of crazy stuff that won’t work. For example, "Please remove page 5, so that the booklet is 27 pages long instead of 28. Also, please change all the headline fonts to the one used in our CEO’s favorite movie. He says the font is called Papyrus or Platypus or something like that. If you have questions, you can reach me after 3 pm. We need this by the end of the day. Thanks."

I don’t need those kinds of change orders suddenly arriving.

Notion: It’s customisable and has templates for different needs. Great for keeping your projects and tasks organized.

Monday.com: Known for its versioning capabilities and flexibility.

ClickUp: Offers a generous free plan and a wide range of features.

GrandTotal: More focused on invoicing, which could be handy based on your needs.

easy JOB: Comprehensive agency software with professional consultation options.

get harvest: Input project details and track time with its built-in timer. It also handles invoicing and more.

It’s all about your preference. Some prefer keeping clients out of the project management software to avoid overwhelming them. Instead, they provide separate updates and use collaboration tools like Acrobat’s Share function for feedback.

If you need a platform to integrate proposals, service contracts, project management, and invoicing all in one place, ClickUp and Notion are worth exploring. They offer a variety of templates and customization options that can fit those needs.

Time-tracking comes in handy when billing clients for extra hours. Both ClickUp and Monday.com and GetHarvest offer built-in time-tracking features, which can simplify tracking and billing extra hours.

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I didn’t read the thread - I see a lot of this has been mentioned already - I’ll get my coat.

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They talk to me.
When we sit around a table, or by phone or email.
I try to do every first presentation in person and only follow up virtually.

Sometimes to be global epidemic thing - happens all the time.

Had a client that wanted a 28 page rollout flyer that folds up into an A5 sized when flat.

I don’t have paper or machines that big…
Hang on - I found a web press - all good - yeh we can do that
It costs xxxxxxxx.xx
or you can have the saddle stitch normal booklet for xxx.xx

Ok we’ll take the saddle stitch version - why is it so much cheaper???

Ugh -
Well first of all …
3 hours later
And then the shipping costs have gone up due to the war in Yemen and perils of transversing oceans where pirate activity has gone up
So if we keep it in house we can save you xxxxxx.xx

Do you want to do this?

Haha, I totally agreed with you. You reminded me the nightmares we had before with clients. How do you normally communicate with clients? We did face to face before but still same, a lot of nonsense feedback though. And then we changed to email communication after first design presentation ( to save our time and logistic fees), But email communication seems to be quite messy. That is why I am thinking if put everything in a portal, would it be easier and more organised.