What is the best tablet for beginners?

Hi,guys.My friend is very exciting to start graphic designing.He want to buy a tablet.I heard that the best is IPAD.However it has not any other apple device.I mean,his phone is android and his computer is windows based.He thinks that sending documents from tablet to computer will be time-consuming.Which tablets do you recommend?
Thanks in advance!

Depends which way he is going to jump, in terms of his actual kit. If he is going down the Apple route with desktop machines, then yes, I’d go iPad every time. They’ll just talk to each other. If he is going the PC route, others will be better placed to reply to this, as to which one to get.

As an aside; using the term Graphic Designing, instead of the more correct ‘Graphic Design’ will put a lot of people’s backs up – including mine. Pet hate.


I am so sorry.I am new.Thanks for your answer

You might not get a definitive answer to this question. Most forum members are professional graphic designers, and few professionals use iPads or Android tablets for anything but watching movies or browsing the web. For example, I have an Android tablet, but the screen is too small, and the machine is too underpowered for serious graphic design work.

I understand there are various drawing programs for these tablets, and Affinity does make versions of their three desktop & laptop graphic design applications for iPad (not for Android, though). I’ve never used them on a tablet, though.

You didn’t mention the age of your friend. If your friend is a kid, a tablet might be fun to experiment with drawing. In general, the more expensive it is, the larger screen it will have and the more storage space and memory it will have.

If your friend is an adult or late teen, I’d suggest steering him (her) away from the idea of using a tablet for graphic design and using his (her) computer.

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Thanks a lot!

I use mine for sketching and roughing ideas out, but as you say, actual work, not a chance. In fact, I don’t even know how people do it on a laptop. I have a 27” iMac and two additional screens.

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Nothing is “best”. There are correct tools for certain jobs, and some that fit together better than others. In general, currently available tablets are not good graphic design tools. If your friend is using a Windows desktop machine, that’s where his graphic design should be done, provided it is adequate to run the required software. Moving files between that computer and any non-Windows tablet will be cumbersome, so if a tablet is really needed for some reason, the Microsoft Surface would be my recommendation.