What is the best way to parse an xml at client side and display in better html grapphics?

I have an API which return list of products in xml response. I want to read that xml and display all products on better html graphics format. Is there any sample or code snippets available to get help? Any help appreciated.
Thank you

Are you asking how to get started making your own webapp? Such that a user could visit your website and see the list of products?

Or are you trying to write a program that transforms an XML file into some HTML? Such that you’d run that program once on your computer to get an HTML file, and then you’d be done?

Hey, why dont you try DOMPaser with an XMLHttpRequest object where you can read xml with jquery. You can refer this read xml with jquery complete guide with an example to read an xml. I hope this help you or let me know, I would be happy to share sample code which I have.
Thank you

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