What is the difference between a Multimedia Designer and a UX/UI designer?

By definition,

a Multimedia Designer does video, motion graphics, audio, images, and interactive content.

a UX/UI designer does content that involves human interaction.

Theoretically, they can do physical stuffs like remotes, umbrellas, or “ketchup bottles” but in reality they are mostly employed for interactive content (Apps and Websites). Now, in terms of UI design, wouldn’t the integration of video, graphics, audio, images be used making them Multimedia Designers?

Also, Multimedia Designers are/where known to do interactive content (some title them as Interactive Multimedia Designers) such as PPT presentations, video games, and other content which would force them to take in human interaction/experience onto their designs.

I recall some random guy in a forum say that Multimedia Designers where the original title of UX/UI designers 10+ years ago, but i doubt this is completely true.

What is the exact difference?

Multimedia designers create content. Integrating content doesn’t make someone a designer of content.

Thanks, but isn’t UI design practically creating the content?

No. UI and UX designers create the structure into which the content is placed.

UI designers also create and help with the decision of the visual content, but i guess it also depends on the type of content needed.

There are videos on youtube of professional UI designers explaining their roles.

On youtube you sometimes have to define “professional”
There are a lot of terms in the design industry that are used interchangeably even though they are not.

“User Interface” could mean the software creating the visual that appears on the screen of your Bank ATM, or it could mean the physical workings of the touchscreen/keypad combination of the input interface surface. While the coding of the former has to integrate with the latter, they aren’t necessarily “designed” by the same person, even though both are User Interface.

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