What is the most inspiring part of your job?

Just was wondering what the most inspiring part of your jobs are?

I think mine would be creating a piece of artwork that is both memorable and useful to the client

I like watching kids have a good time with the museum exhibits we build.
I also like seeing the stuff we build on TV (and when live shows are posted online.)
Makes you forget all the hours and sweat it took to get it there.

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I love it when a presentation I’ve worked on or a design I do makes the client feel they are looking their best, and the way that design can make people happy and feel more themselves.

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learning new things is an inspiring part of my job.

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Heh, I’ve learned to look away from my job when inspiration is the objective.

For me it would be when I see the satisfied customer and then proud of the work (for better or for worse they always want to add or remove something) so they also take credit!

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When my designs and ideas get ripped off and they show up in public!!!

Most recently when out shopping I saw one of my Peace posters on decks of playing cards! And that was far far from being the first time I’ve been ripped off …for me it’s been going on 20+ years.

So now, unless I’m making royalties for something ongoing … I look at being ripped off as an inspiration to keep pushing myself to stay fresh.


I’m in a similar boat as you @grfkdzgn
I do a lot of packaging design and for me it’s when designs I make start to influence competing brands (and their design firms) that are in the same market space.


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