What is the name of this font?

Pls what is the name of this font

Looks like a very stretched version of Tavern

Algerian, but with a small stroke and the tracking and horizontal scale reduced.

Whoa, like Algerian isn’t horrible enough unmangled.


I ache for the day I can banish it from my computer.

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Tavern is FontMesa’s version of Algerian — as if the world needed more versions of this horribly misused typeface.

Like the typeface Hobo, Algerian, was designed in the early 20th Century. Both are prime examples of Art Nouveau. Both typefaces make sense when viewed in that context and fit nicely into the broader Art Nouveau style.

However, despite seeing Algerian and Hobo used hundreds of times, I’ve never seen either used in places where an Art Nouveau typeface was needed. Instead, they’re invariably used and mangled by typographically tone-deaf people in places they absolutely don’t belong.

I cringe whenever I see Algerian or Hobo used — not because they’re inherently ugly, but because of the complete disregard for how they’re used.

Not sure what you’re talking about… :grinning:


I like the following use of Algerian.

I’m having a more difficult time finding Hobo used well, but here’s someone’s attempt to at least place it within the context of Art Nouveau.

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What happens when the amateur logo designer goes looking through an alphabetically-sorted font menu for anything that isn’t a plain old font?

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Yup, it’s a fancy font right at the top of the font list and right next to the super dull and boring Arial. In other words, a perfect choice to add a little pizzazz. :wink:

I ran into this site — famous logos where the type is replaced by Algerian.

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Great, now I want a margarita. Wait a minute, I always want a margarita.

Also, the Patron packaging is nice.