What is the requirements to become an UI UX Designer?

Hi Everyone
i’m looking for some advise here from my fellow members.I need to know what is the requirements to become an UI / UX Designer. Currently i’m working as a freelance graphic designer and willing to learn UI / UX Design. I will be so grateful if you give me some advise here about UI UX Design.I have some knowledge about web design and i know some languages Ex: HTML / CSS / JavaScript.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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https://www.interaction-design.org/ IDF is a NYS certified program and offers UX UI training and so much more. I went through the program and it made a lot of difference in my career and ability to create quality content and development. The first thing you have to understand is this will not happen quickly it takes a lot of hard work and investment to do this right. There are easier way to get training but none in my opinion are worth the money or time. In addition to great classes there is also a very helpful online support line and forum. Good luck in your efforts.

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