What is the standard size twitter header in illustrator

Hello I’m new in this forum . I have a question which standard size twitter header and face book cover in adobe illustrator? I’m search on google so i found twitter header standard size is 1500px by 500px and face book cover standard size is 828pt by 315pt.

I made both in illustrator but problem is coming image exporting. I’m export those files in j peg format but the issue is in this file backside a white rectangle show it. i can show u

Uploading: foodie Facebook cover photo.jpg…

My question is how i fixed it?

Please reply


Actually, the problem isn’t all that obvious. Can you clarify?


Considering the example you posted is mostly comprised of photographic elements (raster images), and the desired output is a raster image, I fail to understand why you’re assembling this in a vector editing application.

If you have the correct image dimensions going in, why wouldn’t you just start and finish with a Photoshop canvas of that size?

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I’m a little confused. Are you creating the image on an art board that is 1500px by 500px and another dartboard that is 828pt x 315pt?

Or are you simply opening a new project in Illustrator without setting the dimensions properly, so when you export your exporting the whole art board–as illustrated by the image you posted?

Also, you could try exporting as a .PNG

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I make FB covers all the time. Never had I had any issue when using Photoshop. As mentioned I’m not sure why you are using a vector program. This is just photo editing after all. And the size depends on where you are going to use it.
Personal Cover - 851px x 315px
Group Cover - 1,640 x 921px
Page Cover - 828px x315px

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