What is this font?

Hello there. I want to use this font for my new portfolio website but I don’t know the name. can you help me

Which one?

Crop the particular word you are looking at with the font you are wondering about and post as big and as clear of a screenshot as you can.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest. I think this site is a turkish. I did not like the site very much, but I liked the font. All fonts used in the site are the same. I shared a clearer visual. I could not see the website source code. site address is


According to the source code, checked by WhatFont, this typeface is called ‘Designer’.

WhatFont is a browser extension which identifies a font on any webpage.

unfortunately it was a bad add-on :roll_eyes:

It looks like Avenir to me.


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My word, I believe you’re right.

thank you :wink:

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