What is your perception about this brand?

What is your perception of this brand? What meaning do you think it carries? I am conducting a brand perception analysis. You just typed on google: Rent a boat, and you see this :

Feedback pls? MASSIVE THANKS.

I’d think I got a 404 error. That’s when you usually see a washed-out-looking page with nothing on it.
I wouldn’t see the instagram page cuz I dont have an account. Without an account you can’t see the page. Don’t rely on one web view over another to sell your product.

You selling boat rentals? Or buff models? If I’m looking for a boat, I want to see the boats. People are incidental.

Sounds more like a boat shopping site based solely on the name. I agree about the photos. If this is a boat rental site, then I want to know what kind of boats you rent (photos not graphics).
The destination seems to be the leading question for visitors. Is it…? or is it the type of boat…? Or is it to have a “boating experience”. It’s somewhat confusing to me.

The pastel colors on the website imply carefree, playfulness and whimsy. I assume this is for an expensive product, so I would suggest more research with the target audience to see if this approach actually resonates. The boat buying/renting audience might respond better to a more upscale, sophisticated presentation, rather than something that seems child-like.

My perception of the brand, based on what I see here, is that they don’t know who they want to be.

I’m not at all sure what you’re asking. The word brand has many definitions. The company obviously sells boating experiences. Are the boating experiences the brand, or are you asking what our overall impression of the company’s personality is based on the visuals you’ve shown us?

Honestly, to me it all feels like there is a fairly hefty disconnect between the look and feel and the reality of what the company delivers – and, I imagine, the intended audience.

Kiddy, pastel colours and cartoony flat illustrations seem to jar with the bright, intense, happy, fun (and most importantly) adult feel of the photography. If I hadn’t seen the photos and just the graphic elements, then I would have assumed it was a service aimed at a much younger demographic. It is not a budget offering – yacht rental doesn’t normally come cheap. The brand identity doesn’t feel exclusive or high-end enough. More inflatable banana in Benidorm than Ocean-going cruiser in the Aegean.

The logo itself, feels different again (there’s also a very odd negative space happening between the dolphin’s head and tail). A bit hard, but again without much personality – and definitely without a sense of high-end luxury.

If you are going to use illustrations (not sure it’s the right approach), then I think they need to be stronger and have personality. They need to be more exciting. I’d find the right illustrator to do them. Currently, that flat, sanitised, even-lined illustrator approach feels a little … well … even and sanitised. I just feel the whole thing needs more life to reflect the business sector. As mojo said, it feels like not enough market research has gone into it.

Anyway, hope it helps, despite probably not being what you wanted to hear, I’m sure.

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Exactly! How would you judge this brand based on the visuals I shred with you? :slight_smile: Massive THANKS.

I’m likely the only one who remembers this, but the look reminds me of Apple’s old 1990’s dial-up service called eWorld.


That is probably irrelevant, though. More relevant is what @sprout said. The general look is more like a fun kid-like game. It’s nice, but I’m not at all sure it hits the personality I’d associate with the product. For example, the difference between the personality of the photos and the illustrations is dramatic. If it were me, I’d design something closer in personality to the photos.

I also agree with Sprout on the negative space between the dolphin’s flukes and its head is way too prominent. I noticed it before I noticed the dolphin. I kept trying to form a meaningful image from that negative space, but it seems to be just an odd shape with no meaning.

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I was thinking the exact same as @sprout and also echo @Just-B

Feels juvenile in the initial imagery. Which is fine if that’s the market.

But the photos are a million miles away from that.

It’s like I’m watching an episode of The Apprentice (Brit version).

Team meeting 7 entrepreneurs.
Pick a team leader.
Split team in 2
One half works on branding
Other half works on photography.

Mixed messages from team lead.
One team produces logo and illustrations.

Other team in charge of photography.

No communication.
No synergy.

Thanks for your help, very appreciated! what do you think it´s the problem about the dolphin as a logo?

Thanks for your feedback? How would you solve the problem of the dolphin? I have the feeling it is just an isolated element of the environment where boating happens. But the reality is that it represents Joy, and also, users have very attached to the dolphin as being the mascot of the brand. But I understand that for a first impression… :frowning:

This actually exists :hushed: https://www.getmyboat.com

To me the name sounds like a boat transferring/transporting service like boat transferring service - Google Suche
Within this perception it looks not very reliable to me.
(The logo shows two pictorial elements. One would be better.)

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I am pretty uninspired by the use of a dolphin in this context. It vaguely says marine, but it doesn’t specifically say yacht/boat hire. If you have to keep it, then issue, as I (and just-B) mentioned, is the negative space.

Honestly, I would rethink it altogether. It has a different feel to the photos and different feel again from the imagery. Nothing really gels. To be honest, rather than fix the negative space in the Dolphin logo, I’d start again – unless, as you hint at there is strong brand recognition, therefore it represents significant brand capital in its marketplace. I cannot say, as I have never heard of it, but then I am not its likely demographic.

Am not going to lie, I feel a bit odd looking at the branding for this and here’s why:

  1. How did you arrive at the choice of a light-weight typeface? For me it doesn’t seem to align with the name of the business. “Get my Boat” sounds a little bit demanding and I would expect the typeface to be heavier or at least be a little more robust, to give it more authority.
  2. Why is the O a blue circle? This detail seems totally redundant if the you’re going to use it conjunction with the dolphin mark.