What is your system configuration?

I want to know if the system I’m using for graphic designing is sufficient or should I upgrade.

HP Laptop: 15’’ display
PROCESSOR: Intel i7 (8 Cores), 16 Logical Processors
OS: Windows 10 Home

The software I’m using for now are:
Photoshop CC
Premiere Pro

My concern is that the software I’m using are not giving optimum performance. For example, when I am removing the background of a subject in Photoshop using a refine edge brush tool then it appears to me pretty harsh - removing both background and also parts of the subject which I don’t want to remove. Is it because of the wrong photoshop setting or is it my system configuration?

How much scratch space does this system have?
Laptops (in my experience) have a tendency to fill up with…things…not work related and Photoshop needs a very large scratch space. Even on my 250 gig laptop I don’t have any trouble with the large work I do, but I have 100 gigs of scratch space at all times. My specs, on this Mac are very similar to yours.

It could be a display setting that is giving you the wrong screen rendering.
Or it could be the way you are using the tool.
Have you upgraded Photoshop recently? Oh wait, yer on a PC. There’s some stupidity going on with updates for Mac cuz of the M1-2-WTFever number chip they are on now. Shouldn’t affect PC updates.

Are you asking if a more powerful computer will enable Photoshop to do a more accurate job removing backgrounds? If so, the answer is no.

Insufficient memory, a slow processor, or insufficient scratch disc space will cause Photoshop to run more slowly or stall at times. However, it won’t cause Photoshop’s results to be poorer, harsher, or more ragged than they might otherwise be.

Besides, the specs you mentioned for your computer are fine. I’m using a Macintosh, but it’s configured similarly to yours, and Photoshop runs fine. Certain functions, such as masking backgrounds, might be faster if I had 32 GB of memory, but the final results would not improve.

Removing backgrounds can be difficult. Adobe has developed different tools and algorithms that help identify which parts of an image the user wants to remove and which parts should remain. Even so, getting the best results from using those tools in concert with each other still takes much practice and effort.

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I don’t know if this info will help, but I always run a clean machine by never running or saving any file on my Mac. All my files go straight to an attached external drive and I always keep a backup copy of this disc that is backed up every other day. This allows me to use all the power of my computer for every single job.
I recommend an app called SuperDuper for this purpose

I see it this way … if you charge your clients for your work you should charge for your knowledge, your skill and experience. It’s not fair to let them pay for a “slow computer”. I, as a buyer, would expect my providers to have good enough tools. That said, I think you spec is ok, but, as Just-B mentioned I to would’ve jacked up the RAM.