What kind of design would this be?

Hello friends. I have been looking a lot for the type (name) of the design of the logos below, could someone help me, please?

Logo 1:

Logo 2:

3D rendered
Or in Illustrator, Extruded (though see below)

BTW, not a good idea for a primary logo. Fine for secondary “bling” usage, but the only way a signguy can make a sign with that logo is to print it 4-color, so you need a good amount of resolution and not care about Pantone matches.

BTW again, Illustrator can do this as vector art, BUT the algorithm sucks. If you rely on it, and flatten it, those little white stitch lines you get will print and they do enlarge.

A bad one.

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hey, I said that nicer. I think.

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You certain did.

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