What kind of music do you dislike(or HATE)?

Now let’s not get way too preachy about it.

Here are a few:

BTW I really do not have any hatred for these artists though.

Misogynistic lyrics are objectionable, insincerity can be annoying and a lot of opera is just unnecessary. I try not to hate anything. What I like to listen to changes depending on mood and tastes definitely change as you get older.

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In order:

  • Rap
  • Hip hop
  • Reggae
  • Country
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^ This.

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I’m not a fan of any of today’s pop music.


I find that if I dig deep enough I can find a song or two of any genre that I enjoy, so I can’t really say that I hate any type of music. I’m not a huge fan of rap but if it’s playing somewhere, I can tune it out.

The only music that I can’t tune out is anything in Japanese. For whatever reason the Japanese language is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I discovered this when a few friends tried to get me to watch an anime in high school.

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BTW the songs I’ve posted belong to hip hop, my most favorite genre of music. That’s sort of the only genre of music I listen to. IMHO It’s sad to see that most of mainstream hip hop is loaded with complete trash nowadays.

Most of the current mainstream is uninteresting to me, and it’s been that way for some time. When network TV presents musical content (I mean stuff like Good Morning America’s ‘concert series’ and the like), I often find myself wondering why they think their audience is made up of 13 year-old girls. I don’t know if the live audiences shown at those events are real, but seeing women in their 30’s and 40’s quivering over kiddie acts makes me sad. Even the Super Bowl Halftime lineup often raises that type of question.

The other thing that bothers me a little is all the typical hit songs that have been around for decades, yet are still frequently requested of DJ’s and met with crowd-swelling woo’s whenever they are heard starting up. There are many examples across all genres, so citing examples is a bit unfair to the songs themselves, but the worst of them appeal to the herd mentality and cause crowds to shout things like “GOT MYSELF A BEE-ER” for example. It just seems juvenile, and don’t understand the desire to hear it again, when you’ve heard it so many thousands of times over years and years. Don’t you grow?

Thankfully, advances in technology have enabled a new generation of self-published art. Anything that comes directly from the artist, uncontaminated by corporate influence, is okay by me, even if it’s something I’d never seek out or enjoy myself. As I age, genre seems to less important to me, and I can at least be tolerant of anything that’s well done. Conversely, even among the particular genres I enjoy, there is plenty that will bore me to death.

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I’ve always prided myself in being able to find something from any genre. But, the older I get the less I like new music of any type. I think it’s an aging thing to be honest. My Grandparents hated my parents music … my parents hated my music and now I hate kids music.


The music of your youth sort of imprints itself on you, or your memories at least.
The music you grew up with can feel comfortable to you (or not, depending on associated memories.)
Musical taste can grow and change but it requires conscious effort.

I can’t even describe how much I hate AutoTune. Or any of the whiny vocals that always seem to trail off in a breathy sigh. I recently went to a concert featuring an artist I somewhat like, but her style had changed to that breathy trailoff and it was all I could do to stay for the whole show.

We’ve had to ban rap in the shop here. Or at least the rap that uses profanity, obscenity, the n-word, or other things that clients may find offensive. Not a lot left to that genre after that. Not sure what the attraction is to any of that anyway.

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