What makes you a good graphic designer?

As a graphic designer, I think a good graphic designer are such team player who ask questions and give relevant feedback on the topic. Along with he or she will feel comfortable to handle objections and engage with client on a particular project.
Now what’s your point of view…

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I think graphic design always involves a good deal of give and take and, usually, compromise. The work isn’t a personal expression of creativity. Instead, it’s typically about using one’s creativity to help accomplish a client’s objectives.


An observation from the print/fabrication world, a good graphic designer doesn’t limit themselves with what they are familiar with. They seek out new and exciting ways to use materials in ways that bring brand value to their clients’ message.

Lets just put it this way, feather banners and rollups in the office space, unless you are a printer displaying wares, just isn’t the most elegant solution to brand decor. And business cards made cheap by gang printers aren’t a great first impression. For outdoor signs, a print on vinyl is not the most outstanding display (though sometimes required by sign code at the client’s building.)

Expand your horizons. Go to sign and print shows. The show floor is a relatively cheap admission ticket if you happen to be near enough to one to go. They don’t just show you signs. They show you the stuff the signs are made out of. I’ve taken a designer or two around the show floor on occasion and they’ve nearly passed out from idea overload (not really, but you could tell the springs had been wound a little tight.) Read trade magazines (I only read them for the ads now as I’m jaded on what they think is “new” been doing this too long.) This year, a whole bunch of new print products hit the market that I have to get to the big ISA show in April, I think.

Any designer that “does logos” should at least have some idea how many ways a sign can be built.
Any designer that does print work should be able to talk to a print vendor to find out about file prep (don’t assume one way fits all.)
All designers should keep up on the technical aspects of their work, be it print, web, or all the myriad other niches in the field these days.

Stay curious!

A good graphic designer:

  • Sees like an artist
  • Observes like a psycho-analist
  • Thinks like a research scientist
  • Conceptualizes like a dreamer
  • Creates drama like a Hollywood director
  • Builds like an engineer
  • Invests in the success of clients

What makes me a good designer is I can read minds.

Translation: I listen to my client and can understand what they want or mean, even if they can’t form it into words.


The essential thing that makes you a good graphic designer?

Problem solving

Be professional:
– Do not make promises you cannot keep
– Keep the promises you make
– Be reassuring
– Focus on the project at hand, not your own ego
– Keep track of everything
– Oh … and know your stuff

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I think I’m good at coming up with ideas/concepts and selling those ideas to my clients, and by sell I of course mean convince them that I am right and they are wrong.

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