What Photoshoot Poses Do You Love? Portrait Thread

I want to see what any photographers go-to poses are. Whether you see them as standard poses for anyone, male or female poses you love and any unorthodox poses that stuck with you after a shoot.
I am interested in seeing and hearing your stories from directing models that came out great thanks to your poses.

As a portrait photographer in freelance myself, I have had great fun in the process of shooting people and seeing how to express a story from directing a model, as well as, anyone with no experience. I mainly shoot on white or black backgrounds so I’d love to see work with background environments too.

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Hi there,
Photography is more than interesting hobby and profession. Photographs are captured to save the memories of some particular event or environment. There is a great variety of poses. I like natural poses in which there is best coverage of the scenes or the persons for whom it is all done. There is high scope of photography and I have seen young generation (both male and female) is more capable and versatile in photographic poses than actors, models etc.


My wife always wants me to shoot photos of her from low angles to make her look taller. :grin:

Heh, I’ve heard other people say that too. They often dial it back, though, when I point out that a low angle will enlarge their nostrils (if not offer a view right up them), and reduce their eyes.

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