What’s it like to start fresh as a UI designer

So I’ve been freelancing in graphic design for about 5 years now and I need a bit of change. I recently took a couple of courses on UI/UX design and I plan to apply for jobs, if not intern, for a company in that field. Since I’ve mostly worked on my own during the last five years, I was wondering what I can generally expect when starting fresh in a company. Any thoughts, guys?

A regular salary, holidays and weekends off, paid insurance, paid vacations, and a 401k plan, in addition to going home at the end of the day and not having to think about it again until the next morning.

That’s probably not what you’re asking about, though.

You can also expect some loss of freedom and a boss who gets on your nerves. There’s also the office politics and the weasely little creeps who infest most office situations. And, of course, most in-person offices are incubation facilities for Covid and who knows what else. Plan on getting ill more often — especially if you work closely with someone who has school-age kids. Then again, you’ll have sick leave you can use while still getting paid.

Other than those things, anything’s possible. Every organization is a bit different, with different routines and workflows. If you’re the lone UI/UX guy at the company, expect to be lonely since nobody will have a clue what you’re doing. If you’re part of a larger UI/UX team, be prepared to change your work habits to fit in with theirs and their tools — even if they’re not what you prefer.


Wow, thanks for letting me know. Do you have an idea of what I can expect in terms of procedural job roles as an entry level/intern UI designer?

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You get to do the repetitious, tedious stuff no one else wants to do like all newbs to a new entry level job. Once you show your chops you move up. If you find yourself not moving up the chain of work preferences, find out why.