What’s your approach to sharing your work with cli

Hey guys.
What’s your approach to sharing your work with clients?
My approach is to zip everything and share it wherever I chat with the client at that time. And the archive can include multiple psd files, fonts, examples, pdfs.
Do you use any tools or online services? GDrive? Behance?

And when you have a social media template do you just share the psd file? Or maybe you try to re-create it in canvas/figma, so your client can easily use it on the go?

I used to do graphic design part time. I switched to coding. I am thinking to make a tool for “baking” templates and sharing them with clients. It’s not a figma/Canva or a web-photoshop. Super simple thing. You upload and layer images in a right manner, upload the font, add some editable layers that your client can change (eg background). And then you share it with your client.
And now your client has an image generator made specially for his brand.
Can anyone see themselves using such an app? That would obviously depend on the price I’d guess. Tbh I haven’t thought about that part, but ngl making profit is not the last priority.

What work are you referring to? Portfolio pieces, mockups, final files?

I typically refer them to my online portfolio if they haven’t already seen it (which they almost always have). I’ll take a few physical samples to the increasingly rare in-person meetings.

If they like what they see, hear, and agree to a down payment (new clients), I’ll design mockups to show them, depending on the nature of the project. After input from them, I’ll build whatever we’ve agreed upon and send them whatever the deliverables are, whether by email, freight truck, or something in between.

Most of my clients already have social media managers who build their daily social media artwork. They sometimes have me put together initial images, but it gets too expensive to have me do everything.

Many seem to resort to using Canva to recreate and modify what I send them, but most have already developed their workflow routines. I’ve considered building Canva templates for them to use. However, most already have a system and only want a general look for their social media creations that reflect whatever branding I might have developed for them. Every client is a bit different, though.

What you’re proposing sounds interesting, but how is it better for social media managers to use than Canva? I’d probably say almost zero percent of my clients have heard of Figma. Those who have likely don’t need my help.

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I suggest you seriously look at competitors - you’re entering a very saturated market.

Uploading fonts has severe licensing issues.
Might say the same with images, unless being used in a really closed system.

I wouldn’t have any use. There are share and review features built into Indesign. Everything is built in Indesign, including social media.

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I wouldn’t call that a benefit.


I get the feeling the nature of your post is market research to gauge whether or not there would be interest in your potential product.

If that is indeed the case, I’d say there is nothing in your description that I would find helpful in my workflow. That’s not to say there isn’t a market for it, but it is not something I’d use.

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thanks for great insights!
The inspiration for this idea came from looking at brand guidelines. And I wanted to have a tool that incorporates these “rules”.

And then i wanted to simplify it as much as possible, to the point of “no-UI”.

I imagined this tool having some sort of a client-side and a designer-side. I think you get the picture.
For the client it’s a single task oriented thing and some sort of a live branding guideline. My bet is that there are two types of people who would benefit from this thing:

  • people who aren’t comfortable in/ready to deal with canva/figma/photoshop/whatever.
  • people who only use image editors to make minor edits to a design piece that someone made for them

So besides time and effort, the main benefit is that it’s gonna be hard for them to mess up their branding visual language.

i absolutely agree, and i have no intention of overthrowing them. The tool is fairly simple. There might be a niche group of people that would use it. Or not. I don’t really know though it’s 50/50.

Sorry, i will reply in one post now.

  • oh, thanks. I didn’t really think through licensing. At this point this is just an idea in the process of obtaining a form. But you right, i imagined any assets uploaded to the system being enclosed and accessible only to a designer and his/her client.
  • thank you for your feedback! what if i rephrase it as something that wouldn’t allow clients butcher your branding designs, would that change your mind? jk lmao. I prefer dropping the idea in this stage, than realizing that there’s no market after putting time and effort into it.