What size should jpegs be for portfolio website?


I would like to know what size should I save posters, business cards and other designs to upload to a wix or wordpress website.


Why are you specifically mentioning WordPress and Wix? The same criteria apply to any platform unless there are upload and resampling procedures/restrictions in place at the more automated website building sites.

Maybe your question, instead, is about the appropriate byte size to retain enough detail and quality while also being mindful of download delays and bandwidth problems. It probably goes without saying that the smaller a file is, the better it will be as far as speed is concerned. Of course, if you’re trying to show of your work, you also want it to look good, have good detail and have large enough dimensions to see.

Business cards, like you mentioned, are easy because you really don’t want them to be displayed larger online than they are in person. Posters are another matter since they can sometimes only be best appreciated when seen bigger than, say, a few hundred pixels wide.

You also need to keep in mind that over half the traffic on the web these days comes in over a mobile device where it will be seen small in any case. Then again, for a portfolio site, it might be perfectly acceptable to assume that the target audience will be viewing it from a desktop machine.

I haven’t really answered your question, but my point is there is no one answer. It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. A rule of thumb, I suppose, is to take all this into consideration, then make them as large as they need to be, but not a single byte larger. There’s also the option of displaying fairly small thumbnails, then, when clicked, loading a larger, higher-bandwidth, more detailed version for those wanting to see more.

Thanks for answering!!

My question is about the size of projects in inches or pixels.

Should I save them at the same size they were done?

Business cards, maybe, yes. Brochures, maybe when a thumbnail is clicked. Anything bigger than that, probably not since they’ll be too large for the monitor to render at that size anyway. Really, it boils down to a matter of common sense.

The modern method of optimization actually recommends that you detect the window size and deliver an adequate sized image.

Sometimes this means having many different images for different sizes and having their responsive resizing be at a very minimum. If you’re coding a website from scratch, that could mean having 5-10 versions of the same image. I don’t know about Wix, but I do know that wordpress will actaully create different versions of your initial image and deliver that version based on the client’s specs. So it does that part for you.

Thanks a lot!!

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