What software created this video?

I like the style in this Intel video, and I would like to identify the software used to create the visuals, so I can start to learn it. I am an expert on PowerPoint, but no other software and I am finding its limitations to be frustrating, and I want to learn something that will produce output more closely aligned to the videos I would create for work, and this Intel video is the exact style I am looking to learn and create.

I am not allowed to share links but if you google “Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud” you will see the Intel video in question

Any help identifying the software used would be appreciated

Is this what you’re asking about?

It could have been built in any one of several different ways, but my best guess is the graphics themselves were built in Adobe Illustrator then imported into Adobe After Effects to create the motion. Adobe Premiere might have also been used to glue everything together.

If all you’ve ever used is PowerPoint, however, you’ve got a straight up learning curve ahead of you. Vector, motion and video editing software has almost nothing in common with PowerPoint and is considerably more complicated.

The particular application(s) used can’t be identified simply by watching the clip, but clearly, it’s animation. Research professional, timeline-based animation applications; Adobe Animate, After Effects, etc. As Just-B mentioned, this probably involved a vector graphics application as well, such as Adobe Illustrator.

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