What software is used in these videos?

Guys newbie here, I would like to know what software is used to create these kinds of videos kindly help since I cant post links I posted it with space before .com

  1. www.youtube. com/watch?v=4T_GgB_6RhI
  2. www.youtube. com/channel/UCmom8dwphN9ywje2ANIss0A
  3. www.youtube. com/watch?v=oB5fJ3y9028

Certainly not going to open videos of unknown content.

Not from a first time poster
and certainly not at work.

I looked at them — they’re just cartoon animations.

It’s hard to say from the finished work. The only thing I can say with any degree of certainty is that the middle video was created with 3D software, whereas the other two were likely not. That said, there’s a couple dozen software applications that could have been used.

Thanks bro for sparing time, can you suggest some software names used in those cartoon videos? I am going to learn them kindly advice, Thanks :slight_smile:

its just cartoon animation kind of videos, you can try in incognito, Thanks

As a creative person, most of the time, software is just a tool designed toward a predefined purpose. However, it doesn’t mean that that software can only be used for a sole purpose. It’s all, in the end, up to you to decide how you are going to use the tool in your hand.

If what you are looking for is software for creating animation, you must first take note that each country, region, company, organization/institution make use of different software and frameworks. If you plan to work for any of them, it’s better to do some research on your own to find out which software you need to master.

By the way, did you know that creating an animation involve many procedures?
For example, for a 2D Animation clip:

  • General Character/Background Design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP are generally preferred software
  • General Rigging and Animating: Cartoon Animator, Adobe Character Animator, Adobe Animate, and other software (note that there are also software which allows users to design and animate/rig the designed elements at the same time)
  • General Effects & Editing Software: Adobe After Effects
  • General Clip Editing Software: Adobe Premier, Final Cut
  • General Sound Effect/Sound Engineering Software: depends on your system

For a 3D Animation clip:

  • General Character/Background Design: Autodesk Maya (dominates the professional 3D Animation market), Autodesk 3DS Max (generally used more for game development), ZBrush ( Professional CG design), Blender, etc. There are also other specialized software depending on your needs (for example, if you want to adjust your texture, etc. or want to quickly populate a certain type of model for your scene).
  • General Character Rigging and Animation: In general, many 3D design software also have this function built in. There are also other specialized software but you’ll have to research it yourself.
    There are also other tools depending on your need such as KeyShot (best for product presentation), Cinema4D, etc.

Animation and Motion Graphic Design is in no way an easy field, so if you truly want to learn how to create an animated clip, you should definitely look it up on the Internet first. It will save you lots of time instead of waiting for someone else to answer.
Best regards,

Looking at videos from unknown sources while at work can lead to some rather awkward situations (and sometimes from your friends and family too!)
Only has to happen once.
LOL, while at lunch I was watching a youtube my sister sent to me (it was an Abney Park song.) There were greenscreen outtakes at the end that were…hard to explain…

Thanks a lot for the detailed reply :slight_smile: thought it would be easy if someone point the software used so I can focus on specific tools,yup I am familiar is just a tool but it would be nice to get suggestion/advice from experienced person like “this type can be easily made with this software”
Once again thanks for the listing clearly about all available tools and its specific use :slight_smile: cheers :slight_smile:

Abney Park song kind of animation inspiration :stuck_out_tongue:
The links above are kind of cartoon; kids stories :joy: :joy:

Oh, this particular song was live action, and their hired actors got a little uh frisky in front of the green screen and it was too darn funny to edit out. Just not the thing to be watching at work unexpectedly is all. LOL.

No animation software is “easy.” Even for these relatively simple-looking animations.
Blender is out there. And it’s free, so you don’t have to lay out any money to find out just how hard it is. Let me see if I can find out what the kids are using over in a little illustration place I hang out in. They don’t have any money either so guessing it’s some kind of freeware. Most are just doing animatics though, not real, smooth-motion animation.

I have a 21 day free trial of Poser, and that one’s darn near impossible without prior experience, of which I have none.

One of them is using OpenToonz, which appears to be a freeware

have you checked this bro? its appears to be different from your suggestion

yeah, I checked those. Animation is animation. Those particular things have quite a bit of repeat in them.
There really isn’t an easy button. You gotta draw your figures, color them, pose them, and find a software that does the tweening you need so you aren’t doing all the frames in between. I thought Poser would be an easy button because it comes with a lot of available options for skinning and body types, but that actually made it harder in a way, and you still gotta do the work of putting them into a reasonable sequence.

Blender is more 3D oriented. OpenToon is 2D (so is Poser) Beyond that, the rest is up to you and your artistic talent.

If you are an Adobe user you can try Adobe Animate
Adobe AfterEffects also has an animation engine and a lot of beginner tutorials too.

thanks bro :slight_smile:

As a creative person, most of the time, software is just a tool designed toward a predefined purpose.

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