What technique is used to achieve this design


I’ve taken a picture of this pattern that I loved.

Any idea how it’s possible to do in Illustrator, what tool/technique to use?

Thank you!

use the Appearance palette in Illustrator.

Thank you. I’m pretty new to Ai, and not quite sure how to achieve that with the Appearance palette.

Would you mind describing the steps you’d take?

Thank you in advance.

Look into Adobe illustrator tutorials theres plenty on YT

I had some time so I decided to take a look. Here is my partial recreation.


And here is an outline view, zoomed in.

So, as you can see it is one star. I applied the following transform affect in the appearance palette.

and then I applied a second transform effect with these settings:

The art expands past the artboard, you can always mask it. Your sample also seemed to flip the effect on the “small star” edge. And it looks like the whole thing was masked, copied and rotated to get the off angle effect in the top right. Bottom line, play with the appearance platter and masking.


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