What techniques were used on this iconic poster?

Well, I’m trying to work backwards.
My usual work has me doing layout/typography/package design, but a current client is asking for something more illustrative. They want the images I’ll be using for the project to have a similar treatment to the poster below. Does anyone have an opinion on the best way to achieve this look? I have full Adobe CC access. Thank you in advance! <3

Photoshop. Blue background on the bottom layer. The photo of the men and flags on a layer above it. Image > Adjustments > Black and White, to convert the men and flags to grayscale. Then change their layer mode from Normal to LIghten. Then use paintbrush to draw in the red and white of the flag on a layer above that. Then assemble the poster in Indesign.

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I think there are a variety of techniques used in that poster. One of them seems to have been the posterize or poster edge filter in Photoshop.


Thank you!

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