What the...why is one EPS pixelated but not others

So…creating vectors in AI. All are normal (see pencil) and then out of the blue, the thumbtack is pixelated. Whaaaaa…?

Is the drop shadow a raster effect or drawn in illustrator as a vector, has it got any transparency added to it?

Other reason could be it is a lot smaller than the others. And the preview only is pixelated due to the increased preview size

The pencil is also pixellated. Previews are commonly JPEGs. The thumbtack is smaller so the pixels are bigger.

The shadow had transparency. That doesn’t usually cause issues for me; out of curiosity, why would it this time? It displayed properly in AI (of course) but in both preview and placement into ID, it showed up as pixellated.

Cos transparencies of drop shadows are done with raster effects.

You’re better off setting the background in a tint of black in illustrator and set it to overprint.

This will keep it all in vector.

Don’t use transparencies or effects.

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When you placed it into Indesign, was it still pixellated when you set the View>Display Performance to High Quality?

Yes. But Smurf2 also explained why it occurred. Thanks guys.