What to charge clients?

I have been approached to do some freelance work and I am not sure how to go about charging for my work and time? Any advise is immensely appreciated! Thank you in advance.

Can you give us some details about the freelance project and the client? What do they want you to do?

Are you already freelancing or is this outside of a regular job?

It’s a large construction equipment company. They want me to create their website, maintain it, and create and maintain social media accounts.

Generally, you need to work out what your hourly rate is, and multiply that by how long you estimate the job will take.

Rates will vary from market to market and/or from skill level to skill level. What I can charge for my time may not be what you can charge for your time.



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But seriously…PanToshi has the best info. I charge a lot more today than I did years ago…but my output is much better as well.

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It sounds like two branches of service for them.

I would charge like @PanToshi said for the website and creation of social media. Always build in plenty of hours for fixing bugs, adjustments, etc…

For maintenance of the website and social media (assuming you’re regularly posting as well), I would judge how many hours you would spend a week upkeeping everything, and charging a monthly rate. Sometimes I’ll do a 6-month agreement that discounts it a little and in return you have guaranteed income for a little bit.

That’s excellent advise and a great idea about charging monthly. Thank you!!

Generally, many of us who are doing freelancing charges the client hourly basis if the work is in a small amount, but if the project is big then you should give a fixed rate by calculating the work from first.

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