What to do if client want the fresh logo in hours?

am running logo design service from last 5 years and i can provide logo in less than 24 hour

You can get in touch with the OP, but because he’s giving you all the exposure, be prepared to pay him $xx per logo.

I have search over the internet. It turns out it not only common it in the graphics world to create something depends on less time, but it is quite common in other fields also. Let me share the example with you guys:

  1. The Fairly OddParents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REblEkX6jbg
  2. Castlevania: Season https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0kaYs8SbMs
    These above both cartoons are created by the same studio, but they are both unique they have no similarity. The only difference is about the budget, target audience and time. The first one was created for kids with limited budget and have to produce seasons on a short amount of time while the second one was created for an adult with great budget and no tight time restriction. With this info I get that things are being created done based on the budget, target audience, time etc, and it is quite common in almost in every other field not just the world of design to produce something mediocre depend on the budget and time. If the budget is high and there is no tight restriction then we get to high quality better result but if the budget is not that high and there are time restriction then we get mediocre at best but hey if the mediocre output works then no need to invest high and takes more time to produce high quality result.
    I believe the same case is happening here. As the company is producing mediocre logos result in less amount of time but hey if it working for them then why not.

I suppose you can. Then again, designing logos and “providing” logos are two different professions.

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I was just looking at your website. Did you design all of the logos in your portfolio? I ask because they seem to be showing up all over the web, and there are a bunch of different folks that seem to be claiming authorship.

Like the animal and Croco logo here.

The echo note logo here.

The abikok logo here.

The Bee Touch logo here.

The Billy Turf logo here.

And here.

And here, too.


i use Canva, Looka and Hatchful if i need it URGENTLY. there are many blanks, there are plenty to choose from. but even if I don’t have a hard deadline, I still use these tools a lot.

OFFS…yes, I meant exactly what that says…

Blanks, templates, clip art, All that crap cannot be used as logos.
I feel bad for your clients.


Afrika Bambaataa created a whole new art form via sampling. It paved way for the likes of DJ Premier, DJ Shadow and RJD2, but also for a myriad of clueless kids building crap beats on Fruity Loops.

Hmmm… why did that pop into my mind just now… :thinking:

I feel the same way about that type of stuff. But that’s just my musical opinion. Plus the only livelihood riding on those “creations” is their own. They aren’t purporting to be professionals with the experience needed to elevate someone else’s business venture.

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