What to do if client want the fresh logo in hours?

Most of the time it is requested by the client to create this logo in 3 hour or so. What to do in this situation. How to create an original inspired logo in 3 hours? As it take days to create the logo from scratch and based on the target audience and product brief description to create the original logo but if it requested to create the logo in so less time. How to create in less time?


I don’t go to a doctor and tell them to cure me in 3 hours. I don’t go to a mechanic and tell them to fix the car in 3 hours. I don’t go to a plumber and ask them to fix my leaky sink in 3 hours.

In fact the last time I called a plumber to fix a problem for me in a hurry there was ‘rush charge’ and it cost me €200 more than it should have.

I guess, tell them - it’s possible, but you need €xxx up front plus another €xxx on completion.

See how fast they want the logo then.

Do not jump for these people. They are coming to you because you have a skill the do not possess, otherwise they wouldn’t come to you.

Lay it out straightforward for them. And it’s ok to say NO!


Is this work for actual clients that have engaged you and signed a contract or are these logo submissions on a crowdsourcing or contest website?

Drop-what-you-are-doing rush charges are very very real either way, as usually whatever you are working on has to go to overtime hours to be completed to accommodate the rush. You do charge overtime, right?

Pretty much what Smurf2 said. But if they want it that fast, chances are they don’t want to pay for it either. I would turn that down, if it were me.

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If this were a good, established client with some kind of justifiable emergency, I’d try to help them. If it were a new client reaching out with this kind of problem, I’d turn them down.

If this is a crowdsourcing thing, this is a typical example of the bad clients and bad jobs one finds there, and I just wouldn’t be interested.

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Hey everybody, I am not honest with you guys as I have held some information back which I should share with you guys which I should have mention in my original question to which I apologize.
Now to more update about the question I have recently been interviewed by the firm for a graphics designing position which is gone well. The only problem is I have faced in their requirement is that the graphics designer needs to complete the task as fast as they can. Like they have mentioned the designer should be able to create multiple logos of multiple clients on the same day. Logo is just one example. This type of situation I have also faced in the past by different client which ask for the logo on the same day to which explain them it is not possible. Some client understands this and give the time as much required while the other proceed to request you to create on the same day to which I politely declined. Now for the firms it is quite common that different firms always demand quantity over quality. They always go for more instead of quality. Some firm go for quality but even those keep pressurize the designer to work as fast as they can. In my city the freelance experience does not count on professional workplace. So no matter how much I have work for different client the experience would not count and in firms there is these type of issues. In the end I need to figure out the way how to create logos in minimum time so that I can adjust for the job.

PrintDriver’s Golden Rule:
All jobs in (real) life are evaluated by cost, quality and speed to produce. You can only pick two.

If it were me I’d ask the hiring company what they’d do under such conditions, and ask to see samples of jobs produced that way. I would then tear them to shreds because, in all reality, they would not satisfy all three criteria above.

However, such designers can exist, albeit very rare. This is the kind of designer who will not tolerate being mistreated (refer to the Golden Rule above), simply because they’re in demand. The question is: Is the hiring company willing to spend the money to take on this designer, or happy with crappy products for their customers?

If you are that designer, that’s great, you don’t need the soddy pay scale. If you’re not. well, you either do it, or you don’t. I just don’t feel it’s a responsible hiring company, both to the customers and the hirelings.


That’s the problem. Most of the firms in my city does not care about what message the logo is conveying or what colour is representing by the logo. As long, it is unique enough, and it is satisfying the clients go for it. It is quite common even client don’t know anything in this situation they just want a new innovative timeless logo which represent their products. Unfortunately lots of companies like these are existed and due to freelance experience does not count in the professional world the most of the talented designer need to settle on these firms as if they want to show experience in their CV they need to work in these firms there is no other way.

… so it should be easy to do something they don’t hate, in 3 hours ?


Kind of yes. For them the logo should be unique and should match to the brief description nothing more.

Seems like you’ve answered your own question.

How? Are you referring I should create a logo which should be unique enough and match the brief description nothing more ? Like I should not care about what colours are communicating or how it is communicating in general as the logo is unique enough and matching the description? If this you are referring to this then I must tell you the only reason why I am avoiding this is that I don’t want to ignore the method or process which is standard in the logo designing world like researching the organization then brainstorming the ideas decides the colours which are going to appeal the target audience etc these type of thing.

Then this job may not be for you.
If they are looking for fast and cheap, Quality does not enter the equation. If you can’t work that way, move on.

Well, it seems that may be a requirement for landing the position, that is, unless they are intentionally testing your poise when put in a difficult position. You’ll have to decide whether getting the job is worth the compromise, even if you’ll have to make that compromise over and over.

A big part of being a successful professional is perpetrating honest and effective dialog in all relationships. If it was me, I’d tell them exactly what I’m thinking about what they’re asking. If that puts them off, there’s a very good chance you wouldn’t last very long in their employ anyway.

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If you’re only given three hours to create a logo, then the answer to this is yes.

Sorry. No one here has a magic wand that is going to allow you to do all of the proper steps required for logo design in 3 hours. You can’t do 3 weeks worth of work in 3 hours.

If a potential client or a potential employer is set on a 3 hour logo, your choice is pretty simply: give them a 3 hour logo or turn down the work.


I’ve found typical customers aren’t going to care what their logo color represents. I’ve asked many clients about typography and colors and the sort of questions you ask when developing a style for a logo and unless they’re dealing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit like Nike and adidas, etc. they’re not going to mind what you choose for the most part as long as it fits their internal idea of what their design is going to be. Like the saying goes, everyone thinks they’re a designer.

Yeah, gonna have to agree with everyone else. Doing it well takes thought, and thought takes time. If you’re very, very good or very, very lucky, your prompt and brief will click and you can get something really great in three hours. But most of the time, if a client is asking for something that fast, you’re going to have to settle for passable, or walk away.

I work in an area where, for lack of a better way to put it, nobody wants to spend any money on anything, so I deal with it a lot. It doesn’t make me like it any less, though. One of my professors in design said something like “One 500 dollar job is better than 100 five dollar jobs” and I don’t disagree - but if all that’s out there are the five dollar jobs…well, you’ve gotta eat. It does make the occasions when someone actually wants a logo properly designed shine all the brighter, though - those are the good days.

Show them this clip:

:point_up: :blush:


I agree with Smurf2- don’t do it. Whatever the damge to the client due to a ‘rushed’ design is one thing, the damage to your reputation is a deep hole to crawl out of. And the client will blame you. Why? because you created the design.

Yes, that changes things from your original question, which I interpreted as a client wanting you to design a logo in two or three hours. If the employers’ business model is one of churning out quickly done junk logos, well, I guess you’ll just need to decide for yourself whether or not you can stand working there.

Everyone needs to earn a living, and if this is the only option currently available, I wouldn’t blame you for considering it. At least you’ll learn to work fast, which will be advantageous at better jobs later on. I think the danger might be in picking up some bad sweat shop habits and, maybe, just getting burned out on it all.

As other have said, though, there’s no chance of you doing your best work in such a compressed time frame, but it doesn’t sound like the company expects great results anyway. If you take the job, keep looking for another and don’t get too comfortable there.

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