What to do next?

Hey i am graphic design student studying in the final year. This summer i did my 4 months practice and now I have a lot of free time and i want to use that time wisely. Maybe someone who has more experiance could advice me what to do ? Maybe find a part time job and just start doing it or maybe start to freelance small jobs or find another place where i could do more practice or free jobs ? Maybe someone knows please where i can gain a lot of good experience ? I really like branding and illustrations and thats what i want to do when i will graduate. :slight_smile:

Obviously if you can get some work that would be best. If you have time on your hands, keep busy.
Do stuff for the sake of it. Find a magazine page and recreate it. Dig around in those corners of the software you don’t use much and get good at all that. Find something you don’t like doing (usually something you’re not good at) and get better at that.
Never stop learning, or training new skills.

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Are you referring to a practicum (an internship) rather than just practicing for four months?

Either way, in your final year of school, you should prepare for what comes next — the real world. It’s important to get as much practical experience as possible.

I wouldn’t rush head-long into freelancing since you’re still a student in need of some guidance. A part-time job as an assistant designer or production specialist would be far better. If you can afford it, an internship at a savvy agency would also be great.

Looking for that first full-time job after graduation will be easier if your resume contains solid, practical experience at reputable companies. A resume listing lots of freelancing at your level of experience might be a red flag and do more harm than good when looking for a job

I’m with Just-B; don’t freelance yet. You haven’t yet got the knowledge or experience to be able to offer a comprehensive and honest service. You need five years of studio experience. Once you have that, you’ll know what I am talking about. Good luck.

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