What to include in the messaging and copy section of a mood board?

I tried searching for examples of mood board including a section for messaging and copy. Unfortunately the results were not what I was looking for. I was wondering what to include and what to not include when it comes to messaging and copy in a mood board.
THANKS in advance!

Could you define what you mean by a “mood board.” I’ve increasingly heard that term used over the last three or four years, and I think I mostly understand what they are, but I’m puzzled about their usefulness. Is it just a matter of collecting various things with a certain personalities or moods, then placing them together with each other for some reason — maybe for inspiration or something like that.

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Yeah, you’re right. I guess the sole reason to create a mood board is to get inspiration. I like to collect things which are suitable according to the brand strategy.

I think it is also a good tool when trying to do branding work. Some people react better to visuals, so if you can put together a mood board it can help a client to define what they like and don’t like.

a client might say they want their brand to be influenced by “beach-life”, but if you can put together a board of how you define “beach-life” to look, it may help the initial phases of designing.

At least this is my understand, I have only done a mood board for one class assignment so far. lol

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